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  Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why are non-contact type guard tour readers prior to contact type products?
2. What are the differences between non-contact type and contact type guard tour systems?
3. What are the differences between off-line and on-line type guard tour systems.?
4. How can non-contact type signal cards be installed?
5. Why must guard tour products meet military standards?
6. How important is Patrol Management System for our guard tour systems?
7. Why are network-enabled versions of the guard tour management software necessary?
8. What are the characteristics of Bluecard's guard tour systems?
9. Can EMID signal cards be used on metal surfaces?
10. Recently, I've noticed some products similar to those of Bluecard's on the market. What are those? What are the differences in terms of product capability and quality?
11. What are the differences between non-contact type guard tour systems and GPS-based guard tour systems?
12. Appendix: What is an electronic guard tour system?
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