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BG-245/W/4 2.4GHz Long Range Readers
  • Uni-directional antenna integrated

  • 5-170m adjustable reading ranges

  • Works with BGC series active Tags

  • Wiegand (26/34) or RS485 interface


BG-245/W and BG-245/4 readers are high performance long range readers with easy to intergrate interfaces. They target at benefiting automatic access control, esp. for vehicle access.

The interrogators are designed to read Bluecard's BGC series active tags only. By selecting different series of tags, together with adjusting on hardware, the devices allow clients to change reading distance from approximate 5m to 170m.

The readers can detect tags automatically and continuously. Also BG-245/W can be triggered to read by a loop detector.

BG-245/W reader supports wiegand 26 protocols by default. It can also be customized to work with wiegand 34 interface. BG-245/4 transmits data via RS485.

BG-245/W and BG-245/4 are,are good weather-proof devices, which ensure their continuous operation outdoors..

The readers have a charming appreance and size. Their ivory white front cases are combined with square bases and hexagon on the top. The size of a reader is 220mm220mm40mm, i.e. square base has a side length of two finger, and a reader is just a knuckle's thick.

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