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BGC-S Series Active Tags
  • 2.4GHz or mifare/125K complact

  • Sends IDs constantly

  • Battery easy to change

  • Window mounted or hanging


BGC-S 2.4G tags are compliant with Bluecard's BG series 2.4G readers.  Combined with different distance types of  tags and our readers, the devices can  provide adjustable reading ranges from 5m to 150m. 

The transponders have several derived models, providing options for 2.4G+mifare/EMID 2-in-1, and 2.4G+mifare+EMID 3-in-1 tags. The mifare or EMID chips of a compact tag can be read by an independent mifare or proximity reader.

Each tag is powered by 2 CR2025 batteries. The battery casing design enables users to replace batteries easily.
BGC-S series tags are most suitable for car or person access applications. The tags are also easy to install and maintain.
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