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BU-900M-K Enhanced UHF Reader
  • 920-925MHz and 2.4-2.5GHz hybrid

  • Up to 10m reading with UHF passive tags

  • Widely adjustable range with active tags

  • Direct standalone control on peripherals

  • Anti-pass control in networking systems




BU-900M-K reader provides a most convenient and valuable solution for automatic parking access control.

By default, the reader are EPC G2 and 2.4G hybrid devices, that is, one interrogator is capable of reading both passive tags and our active tags. The reading ranges are up to 10m on passive tags, and have much longer maximum on our active tags.

The reader transmits data to PC or other devices via TCP/IP.

In fact, BU-900M-K itself is also a controller. Clients can easily register tag IDs in the reader's memory. Every time BU-900M-K reads a tag, it will automatically search and match the IDs in its memory. In this way, the reader is able to authorise vehicle entry/exit standalone. Moreover, it is expected tocontrol a barrier directly via its embedded relay output.

Anti-pass is another core function BU-900M-K can deliver. This fuction prevents a vehicle from re-entering a parking area before an exit. As it is to restrict abnormal re-exit from the car park. The anti-pass should work based on a centralized parking system, where all readers should connect to a server. As BU-900M-K has standalone control capabilities, the reader enables an easy backup solution such system, which ensures continuously smooth operation at each gate if problems occur on the network.

The reader is weather-proof, ensuring its continuous operation outdoors. Moreover, its appearance and metal silver color further reflect its status as a perfect selection for installing on middle and high class places.

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